Saturday, October 15, 2011

Momma......I stuck!

Tater Man is becoming a regular Indiana Jones. He loves to go exploring and find artifacts hidden around the house. Well since his head won't fit under the couches in the living room he figures he should find other means of exploring.

I heard some ruckus going on in his room. It sounded more like he was rearranging his furniture. He likes to do that from time to time so I did not think much of it. I did get very curious when I heard "Mommy...I stuck....HEP ME!" Instant panic struck and I did what every mother does, run to save her child. Well I ran and this is what I found.

The only sensible thing I could think to do was get my phone. ;-)! I had to get my phone so that I could take a picture of this hot mess.  Yep, I am a wonderful mother aren't I. Hey, he wasn't hurt so no harm no foul, right? HeHe!

I asked him was he was doing. "Going on a denture(adventure), mommy!" Duh why didn't I know that? Did I know this is what I got myself into having a boy? Nope! I do love it though. 



  1. LOL - too funny! Such a boy thing to do!!

  2. oh boy!!
    you're in trouble if he's already doing those tricks!


Tater Mans listening?

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