Friday, October 7, 2011

Flash Back Friday: Thevis Wedding

First of all please don't mind the date on the photos. It's wrong! A couple of our best friends got married October 10, 2008. I know that their anniversary is not until Monday but it's Flash Back Friday so I figured I would tell them Happy Anniversary early!

They were married such a short time before Tater Man was born thus why I look like Bullwinkle, the moose! This post is not about me or The Randolph’s for that matter. It's all about Auntie Sam-mee-mee and Untle Cwis.

I loved everything about their wedding simplicity and classy. There was no huge fluffy white dress and only very close friends and family. I really don't think that Sammy would have changed anything about this day because what was important to her was only to marry the man of her dreams.

Mr. Randolph and I both went to school with the groom and even though he thought he was too cool for us in school (joking), that is certainly not the case now. We are so glad that he found a woman that fulfills his every need and couldn't ask for a more loving spouse. I definitely have a lot to learn from her. Patience, is one thing!

I digress....This day was incredible, and now we anxiously wait for another set of our best friends to say their vows. It is so precious to be able to share this bond with them.

Mr. Randolph, Tater Man, and I wish Auntie Sam-mee-mee and Untle Cwis a Happy 3 year Anniversary and may you enjoy many, many more to come!

Mr Randolph, Sammy, Chris, Big Momma Randolph!

The future Lee's....I mean O'Neals

The groom, bride and her two besties, Emily and Maggie.

Aren't they just the sweetest! The monkey can't be explained but I believe he was the ring barer.

Love you Sammy and Chris!

 We went to Zeus' for a wonderful dinner/reception.
Can't you just tell I am ready to explode!

Even The Minky came and hit on Emily.


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