Friday, October 7, 2011

To RAWR or to CHOO-CHOO, that is the question!

So party city was a little disappointing. They did not have the dino suit that I really liked and I am really not going to blow a ton of money on something to have it shipped. Negative!

I wanted Tater Man to decided exactly what HE wanted to dress-up as for Halloween. Everytime I asked him the past few days it's always something different. He mostly landed on T-Rex, Train, Copter(Airplane), or Liden Muqeen(Lightening McQueen).

They DID NOT have Copter(Airplane), or Liden Muqeen(Lightening McQueen). So sad! I took him to the wall of pictures, that showed all the costumes, and said what would you like to be Tater Man. His eyes landed on the one thing he knows I hate. Sponge Bob Square Pants! I quickly diverted him by saying Square Pants won't fit! Crisis averted, he really could have cared less.

He finally spotted two costumes that were side by side, T-Rex and Wilson the train. It's as if they were calling to him because he got super excited. We tried them both on and he loved them both, but we only chose one.......which one? You will have to wait and see!

What does the T-Rex say Tater Man? RAWR!
I love the little tail!
I swear he is the cutest damn thing and he can really pull off green.

Wison the train. Who, by Tater Man's standards, is way cooler than Thomas the train. Hmph.

Had to practically sit on him so that I could take a picture. He wanted to choo-choo all over the damn store!



  1. Adorable! Jamison is going to be a dinosaur this year and it was quite difficult to find a costume.

    Oh and P.S. Sponge Bob is the one kids show that I hate too! He's not allowed in our house!

  2. oh man! I can't wait to see which costume was selected!!!

  3. How cute I can't wait to see what the final choice was! :)


Tater Mans listening?

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