Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simply Bliss

I follow a few blogs and the big thing for this week is to list the simple pleasures in your life. If you think about it we take for granted so many things in our lives. Bliss, pleasure, comfort, contentment, enjoyment, and indulgence are a few words that describe the simple things in our life that make it count.

The things that make my life simply bliss are:

1. The feel of pudgy fingers on my face.
2. A clean house.
3. Hearing my husband saying "Honey can I do that for you?"
4. DVR
5. Weekends with my boys in our pjs.
6. The pitter patter of little feet running upstairs and then hearing Mr saying "Put that down!"
7. Febreeze!!!
8. Vanilla Lavender candles
9. Holding my Potato and running my fingers through his golden curls.
10. Conquering a new recipe! (Gumbo...Thanks to my BIL J)
11. Chasing a running baby through academy and realizing the more I tell him to slow down the faster he goes!
12. Great hair days.
13. Laying in clothes straight out the dryer.
14. Finding great deals in the store.
15. Surfing the net and making a mental wish list. That I forget later!
16. Calling the people on the drive home and catching up on their lives.
17. Planning home improvement projects
18. The smell of my husbands special breakfasts.

There are so many things that I am missing but you know what they are as I am sure they are the same as yours. Lets all sit back and realize how may blissful things we have in our lives. What are yours?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just added you to my GR. And I love alot of those same things too...


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