Monday, February 15, 2010

Dr Shipley Visits

Dr. K, came into town this weekend and was so nice to pay her family a visit. Dr K brought along a dr friend and we had a nice visit.

The Randolph family partook in the Shipley wedding this past January 2010. A couple days later Mr T had to go to Mississippi for training before he deploys. Mr. T has been my Mr's best friend since middle school. He is Clayton's Parrin,(Cajun/Coon-Ass) for Godfather.

Dr K brought over finger paints, construction paper, and crayons for Tator to color Parrin a purty picture. It turned out loverly of course. Hand print and all.
Potato liked everything except for when it was time to wipe the paint off of his hand and when Dr K fussed him for coloring mommies floor.

Thank God she was nice enough to buy all of the artsy stuff and let us keep it to make some more pretties. This blog is a tribute to her and all that she has accomplished. She is a great sister and aunt and the Randolph's would be truly lost without her in our lives.

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