Monday, February 22, 2010

Drs, Drs, and more Drs!

I took two days off this week to take care of much need doctors appointments. I wish I could say that Potato took his visits well but that is not the case this time.

We started off the day going to the Pediatrician for a well baby check up and more vaccines. He was so happy when we arrived and even got in a little play time with a few of the other WELL babies in the office. It was our turn and he walked in like a big boy to get his height, weight, and head circumference taken.

Height-2 feet 8 inches=72th percentile

Weight-29lbs=92th percentile

Head circumference-19 inches=77th percentile

Then it was time to talk to the doctor followed by vaccines. The thigh shots are usually not a problem but when the nurse gave him two shots in his little fat arm he lost his mind. Clayton is such a soft hearted child and it breaks my heart when I hear him say "Owee!" over and over followed by crocodile tears. I felt myself welling up but had to stop that because there were four more to go!!! As soon as the nurse was done I picked him up and held him for a couple seconds and he was all better.

Now it was time to head to the Pediatric Eye Doctor. This visit went very well. I am sure everyone is thinking "He is too young or doesn't his pediatrician check their eyes?" While the latter is true I don't want to take any chances since our family is just riddled with eye problems including Mr and I. Over protective....yes I guess that is what I can be called, but you will never be able to say that I missed something or that my child's health is not a priority!


The morning was spent at dentist office for the Randolph family. It would be strange to say that we had a great time but I have to say that it was GREAT anyways! Mr went first and got his pearly whites cleaned and checked (no problems). Then it was Potato's turn to sit in the chair. He ate all of the attention up. Our dental assistant checked all of his teeth and was shocked that he already has his first set of molars. His teeth are great and they were very happy to see us bring him in so he can get used to everything. Potato got to play with the "water sucker", "tooth tickler", and they even gave his own big boy tooth brush! He was so excited! The dentist looked like she was about to pop out her own baby. She was such a sweet heart and we can't wait for our next cleaning in six months. Ms Dentist said that Clayton was her youngest customer and that we should expect toys in the lobby for next time!!! Yay.

Since we had such a great time at the dentist Mr and I were not able to make it to our eye appointment and had to reschedule but it was worth it for us to all be together.

My Potato is an amazing little man!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're in the same boat as me. Hopefully we'll both get thru it...


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