Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday sun...and a belly button!

This weekend has been so great! My Mr and I got to go out with a couple friends do dinner and rounded out the night with pool and drinks. We love Mr and Mrs G so much! I slept in a little while then I headed to Maurice too see Nana and Potato. Nana and Papaw bought Clayton an unfinished toy box and that was the project for Saturday. Nana learned quickly that I am no pro at staining wood and had to fix my booboo. She claims that is wasn't my fault but I giggle and say sure. While we were trying to fix it Potato decided he needed a brush to paint with and Nana has plenty of those. He painted everything from his car to us. He had a blast and tired himself out! There is a lot more to do to it before we can bring it home but I just can't wait to have this piece of furniture to show off. Claytons Toy Box Unfinished From Louises Real Wood Furniture Store.

Sunday is here and we did a whole lot of relaxing and watching old NFL Superbowls reels. It's a sure way to a good nap! Daddy likes to watch so we try to make him happy. Well we were so relaxed that I took Clayton's pj top off so he could run around being half nakey and he loves to be any kind of nakey : )! Well he looked down and there was this litte whole thing with a little knobbey thing sticking out and that is just a bowl of laughs everytime you touch "The Button!"

I tried to download the video but it never would upload so if anyone has pointers I am all ears!

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