Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shreveport getaway!

Five o'clock Friday the Randolph gang was on the road heading speedily to Shreveport. We were so excited to visit our favorite Dr to be! Potato wanted to get some rest before he partied all night with Aunty K, so he pretty much slept the entire way there! The visit was not long enough, as they never are.

We arrived at the Shipley's humble abode at 7:30pm and that meant much time to play before nite nite time! After we scoped the huge house/apartment the last thing Potato realized was that Aunt K had an OWSIDE room.

Then we tried to blow up our bed and well....

We had a very relaxing Saturday morning with Mr making breakfast. I felt like we had no where to go and fast! Such a nice feeling to have when you are visiting someone that has such a big piece of your heart. I find you are true friends/family with someone when you have no sense of urgency with them. Meaning, if you can sit in the same room and watch a show without the awkward silence you have reached that special part in your relationship.

With ONE Shipley and Three Randolph's in tow we all went for a walk on the boardwalk in Bosier and it had to be the prettiest day this year! Clayton was so full of energy Aunty K had her hands full! There were so many shops that called to me but I denied the call thanks to my Mr.

Overall we had a very wonderful visit and we were all very sad to leave. On a very exciting note, Mr. Army(Dr K's Hubby) will be coming in for a visit before he ships overseas. It will be a very sad day for the grown-ups but I do believe that when Tator sees his Parrain the room will light up with his smile followed by tongue tricks.

Ok I will have to post more on our visit later!

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