Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day!

Watching the news Friday morning had me giggling....snow....yay sure. I was chatting with a friend that lives about 10 miles from my house and she said that she was getting hug snow flakes at her house!?!? WTH! I ran to my front door swung it open excitedly only to find huge...RAIN DROPS! Well I sauntered back to my puter and told her and of she laughed. I decided to accept the fact that I had to go to work and got ready for work and Potato ready to go to Nana's house. Well I stepped out the door and thought I was hallucinating when I seen these white, icy, snow flakes falling fast from the sky. Of course a lot of it melted as soon as it hit the ground and left wonderful puddles (that later had my cursing while having to walk threw them). I ran inside and got Matthew and Potato ready to go and play.

It was not thick snow but it made us WHO DAT peeps very happy. Potato decided that he needed to run through all of the puddles. He was so excited as you can tell by the picture below. When it was time to go inside he was not having it and cried for 5 minutes. He must have not noticed that his face was turning BLUE!
We don't get such sweet pleasures often but I think that is what makes them more worth the wait! Happy snow day to you and the family.

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  1. My little guy throws a fit when we come in from the snow too - how do they NOT feel the cold! LOL! Cute pics.


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