Monday, February 15, 2010

Cupids Cuddlies!

Valentines day was very beautiful this year and the Randolph Family stayed in their pj's all day! Me and Tator did a lot of cuddling in the morning and let daddy sleep. After my Sunday cleaning ritual we traveled to the Thevis (they live on the corner) to wish them a Happy Cupid Day! It was such a pretty day and warm enough for shorts.

Side note from Tator:"vbllbigdzxjokdiujdusdkrjfskjsjrjlkmfec kv; y'i' " He loves to play on the computer....when daddy is not looking of course!

After spreading kisses Mr. R and I rounded out the night with white wine, chicken cordon bleu, and and relaxing. I hope that you guys had a wonderful cupid day!

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