Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist!

As mommies how do we know what to wish for? Do we ever get what we wish for? I have a hard time with this part of my life and always have. I get a bonus each year and they get better and better the longer I am with my company. I am very lucky to work for Prudential as I am actually appreciated and compensated for my hard work. Ok so back to what I was saying. I will be finding out how much my bonus is on the 18th along with my annual raise. I have already started my usual list but I have already defeated myself by thinking of the things that Potato or my Mr. would like to have or need. Their wants and needs have and always will come before mine that is just understood. Ultimately they will get everything that I think they could want or need and what ever (small) amount is left I spend that on my house. Why do I do this to myself?!? Mr never asks me to spend my bonus or him or Clayton and actually gets quite upset when I go against his wishes. So to wrap things up and get off my insane pity pot here or some of the things that I wish I had and may one day have the gumpshun to buy!

I like this suit!

I bake at least twice a weak and this would save my arm!

My best friend lets me borrow hers everyweekend and its awesome!

I would love to have anything from her product line. Especially her "TRASH" bowl!!


Tater Mans listening?

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