Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Fest Part II

Kelon did join us for the second part of our Summer Fest Party! Just in case you missed the first Summer Fest.

Fumy, Kelon's Mommy, woke up Kelon from his nap and headed to meet us downtown for some fun in the sun. I had to beg/nag her to get her butt down there because I knew she wouldn't want him to miss out. I am just a little persistent.

They had so much fun running from one end of the slip and slide to the other. Every time they fell they laughed harder. Even with a bitten tongue and a little blood there was nothing but smiles from these little men.

The Mommies decided it was time to move on to another activity. This proved to be a very hard task that had two little boys running from their mommies and tears from the Potato. I did not think he would have so much fun in the fun jump. Hmph!

We moved to the kiddie pools so that Kelon could swim and play in the sand. After being traumatized I figured they deserved some oucecream. I mean I have to spoil them a little right?!

We had a blast and so did they and after another hour or so I had to head home. Potato was in desperate need of a bath and I needed a bath something fierce. Mommy be stinkin!

Show me some of your fun in the sun pictures!

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