Friday, August 6, 2010


Last week there was a horrible accident in one of our neighbors condos. Fire!

My parents came over to pick up our old bed and while my dad and DH were loading the car they saw flames. DH ran inside to get mom, Potato, and I. Yeah right....

I thought he was joking and then I caught a glimpse of DH face and all that I saw was fear. My heart dropped into my stomach and there was instant panic. We ran outside. After looking at the condo for a couple of seconds realization kicked in and we remembered that the condo behind the one on fire was our friends brother. Ahhh!

DH ran to our friends house and nearly broke down their door. They finally answered and came to see what was going on outside. The crowd grew larger and larger.

The firemen and policemen did such great jobs. After just a couple minutes of the fire raging we all noticed that fire was flicking up from the attic of another condo. Ummm that's not suppose to happen. Well we realized that most of the attics in our condos are not separated by walls so that is why the fire traveled so easily. I seen this and had to fight back waves of tears.

Thankfully no one was in the condo and everyone in the adjoining condos got out fine. Again thanks to our brave men in the fire and police departments everyone is safe.


  1. So scary! I'm glad everyone is okay!

  2. Im glad no one was hurt. Kudos to the firemen and cops!

  3. How scary! I'm glad everyone is ok.

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