Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 21 Months Potato!

Hi Potato!

Happy 21 months baby! I hope you are having a great day at day-care. Mommy enjoys picking you up every afternoon. When I see your big beautiful eyes I feel like my whole body smiles. I can honestly tell you that I feel like all of the stress and pain in my life is gone for just a moment when run across the room and jump in my arms. You are becoming a smooch-a-holic, and I don't want it to stop.

At 6:30 AM you run and get in bed with Mommy and daddy. I LOVE it and daddy long as you are not kicking him out of bed. I like that you do because it makes my job of getting him out of bed easier. Daddy is not a morning person. I see that you have a little of trait.

One of the biggest milestones you are approaching is potty training. I talked to Maw and she will be getting you big boy potty chair soon. I wanted to start training you sooner but I heard from other mommies that I should wait until you tell me poo-poo and/or pee-pee. Well you have been doing that a lot lately so I guess it is time. I am nervous and excited. I mean NO MORE DIAPERS. I do have a funny little story that I want to write down for memories sake.

This past weekend Mommy and daddy got a new bed. Hoorah! Well you were such a big helper for daddy. You helped daddy hammer and unscrew the bed. Daddy was very proud of you and I say its because of the Build and Grow classes. Anyways...Potato you were walking around the frame and tapping it with the hammer and you decided it pertinent to tap daddy on his shoulder and get his attention. He looked at you and you said "Pooo-Pooo!" (I am laughing as I type.)
After you said that your face turned red and I fell over in a fit of laughter. Daddy, on the other hand, was looking at you like "Thanks son, appreciate that!" I could not compose myself for a while.

Potato you LOVE to say "I wuv wu!" I mean you will scream it all afternoon and you even tell the cats that you love them. I don't think they care for you too much. Who cares!? Last week daddy was not able to take you to school like he normally does so Mommy had too. I don't think you were to happy with that because you walked from room to room calling for your daddy. I thought something was wrong so I ran to see what was up. You were headed up stairs yelling, DADDY, to the top of your lungs. Then you would poke your head in a room and say I wub wu! I have to admit I was pretty jealous.....I thought you were looking for me. Not the case. I knew I had to call daddy and tell him what you were doing so that he could have a beautiful day at work. He was VERY happy and wished he could have been there to hear it for himself.

On a very positive note you are well and staying well. This makes us very happy. We decided to take you off your allergy medicine and only give it to you when we see symptoms. So far, so good! Mr Pediatrician wanted me to tell you that it may be best you break up with the girlfriend you have now and just stick with the twins. Apparently the twins aren't getting you sick. lol!!

We haven't been taking you swimming lately but plan to soon since your ear infection is gone. After each swim session we will have to put a couple drops of swimmers ear solution in your ear and you will be fine.
New Tricks

You can throw a ball far and fast. (maybe a little baseball man in there)
You go down the stairs like a champ.
You ride your tricycle and almost got the peddles down.
You like to spin the ball.
You skype all the time.
Oh I can't leave out the fact that with all the pow-pows your Aunts and Uncles keep getting, you love to shoot everything!
Thumbs up
Counts to 3.

New Words

Roll it
Uncle Chris
Buck (lil cousin)
Night-Night (can't just say it once!)
Not Nice! (I love it when you tell daddy this!)

I know that I am leaving off so much information. Mommy has a really bad memory so that is why I try and video each second that I can. Daddy and Mommy love you so much sweetie. You are our angel from heaven. We thank God each day that we get to spend our lives together as a family. Hugs!


  1. Happy 21 months Potato!! Keep me posted on the potty training - I'm scared!! LOL!

  2. Oh little Potato you are just the cutest!!

  3. Happy 21 months! I can't believe he says, "not nice!" That's cute! Micah says, "oh man!" and I think it's hilarious. I'm going to have to teach him "not nice."


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