Friday, August 27, 2010

No tonsils, no uvula, and some sinus fixin..

DH went under the knife on Wednesday, so for memories sake I am going to dedicate a post to him and his hopefully improved life.

He has had sleep apnea for an unknown amount of years and therefore always felt very tired, unmotivated, and chronically sick. It's amazing how the lack of sleep......lack of REM sleep...can make one very miserable.

About the same time we put Potato in day-care DH started getting sick. His sinuses would act up and he would be miserable for 2-3 weeks. Doctors would give him antibiotics and he would get better. Then not even a few days later he would get sick again. This was such a vicious cycle and because his first doctor did not care enough DH was given antibiotics so often it caused him to get colitis. Sucked!

Well after speaking with our sister-n-law's mother she directed us to DH's new and soon to be God sent ENT. (Small world...the ENT was actually the niece of DH's back surgeon.) She stopped giving him medicine and got to the root of the problem. Dr. Eldridge found out that he had such a bad deviated septum that he had one nostril completely blocked and unable to pass air. The other nostril had a huge bone spur about to punch through the skin. Gross I know!

Dr Eldridge sent DH to a couple of sleep studies to determine whether or not he had sleep apnea. He had/has it. They tried to use the C-PAP machine to see if he would be able to sleep better. The machine made it feel like he could not breathe. I have heard the machine described as this...Imagine yourself riding down the interstate at 90 mph with your head out the window. I guess I would not be able to breathe with that much air blowing in my face. It is suppose to force you to breathe through your nose and well he had too much blockage in both nostrils for that to work.

So Wednesday the 25th she commenced fixing my poor hubby. She had to remove his uvula(throat bobber) because it was so long it was going down his throat. Pretty disturbing! Dr Eldridge also removed some of his soft pallet and his tonsils. The surgery did not take to long but of course I paced the waiting room like a mad woman. DH made me pinky promise that I would not cry....I did not cry...but there were a lot of anxiety attacks. Thankfully DH's mother was there to keep me calm.

We had a great day nurse but the night nurse almost got an ass chewin from me. She was horrible and I can't wait to fill out the little survey on her. Anyway we went home Thursday morning and I am being a great nurse! I am sleep deprived but if it gets my honey better I will survive. I love him so much and he is long over due some physical peace.

Now on the road to recovery. I hope he enjoys his 3 weeks of peace!

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  1. Aw, I hope he is doing well on his road to recovery!

    I'm glad that you posted this. My doctor thinks I have sleep apnea and last year I was sick all the time and my sinuses were really bad. I think I should see an ENT!


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