Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CSN Store: Product Review!

On March 23rd 2007 was a horrible day for DH and I. DH is a computer technician at a local hospital and he was doing a computer roll out, meaning old/new computers were getting moved around the hospital. DH is not a small man by any means of the word so he is always first choice on moving days. One wrong move led to a twist which ended up being a herniated disc. Terrific!

I had never seen someone in so much pain before. He could not leave the house or help around the house for that matter. DH was miserable and in turn was I because I had to stand by watching him suffer. He tried getting epidurals which works for a lot of back injury patients. It did not work for him though well at least it STOPPED working. Then we tried drugs. Proved to be more harm than good when DH was to impaired to drive and had a little finder binder.

We exhausted all avenues and talked to many doctors only to finally decide that surgery was the path that we would take. November 15th was a very scary day for me. I was thankful to have DH's parents there for support and then his brother showed up to check on him. I would have been lost without them. His brother was actually the first one to watch DH walk. I cried!

Anyway a few years later he still had problems with his back but not nearly as bad. We got new insurance and chiropractic therapy was going to be our next route. It was just the ticket! He is doing much better and has been taught many stretches and techniques to loosen up his muscles.

A few of the stretches are done on a yoga exercise ball. I was all to happy when CSN Stores
asked me to review a product. I searched and searched for something that our family could get use out of and I made the best choice when I found the 85 cm ball for DH.

It took a little while to air it up and Potato was more than happy to help.

Although very embarrassed when I told him I wanted pictures, he did oblige my request. He is happy and that makes me happy! Thanks to CSN Stores and their 200+ stores we are happy customers!

I would like to send a special thank you to Jason at CSN Stores for providing the review and items! I was not compensated in any other way and the statements within this post are of my own and honest opinions.


  1. Those are so great for so many reasons! Glad it helps him out!!

  2. LOVE those pics...hilarious!

    Also I'm passing out some awards today. Come by and grab yours if you get a second!


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