Monday, August 23, 2010

Build and Grow-Bug Box

Whoa this post is over a week due so don't throw any stones. It's been very hectic in our household.

It's so hard to remember what happened last weekend. So much! Build and Grow was a lot of fun......for the boys. The Mommy's on the other hand needed more sleep. We were troopers though and did not complain. We are not allowed to complain, right?

Kelon and Pomatoe(according to Kelon), are really becoming great friends! It's so sweet to watch them share and teach each other new things even though some of the habits they learn from one another are not the greatest.

The build was a Bug Box. Simply.Perfect! It was so easy to build so of course Fumy and I had to correct many of our OWN mistakes lol. Thank God the boys will be the architects of the family. Potato was very intense in making sure each nail was tapped. Pretty hilarious to watch actually.

They share very well!
They are so different from one another.
Don't worry he did not hit his thumb with a hammer. He does not particularly like the goggles.
I had to though!
Very serious!

Mommy Troopers

Bug Box Builder Extraordinaire!

Silly boys!

We had to ride the tractor before we left.
Overall everyone had a blast and as always Potato gets better and better with his hand-eye coordination. I am very proud of Potato.

After our build Fumy decided to meet us at the Summer Fest. Part II!


  1. Ha ha - love that goggle pic!!

  2. Looks like fun! It's so cute to see childhood friendships!


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