Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Fest Part I

Who new that just a little over three hours of fun would be cause for a two part blog? Well now that I am sitting down and going through all of the pictures I realize that there are too many to precious moments to leave out! So I won't cheat you! ;-)

One of my friends, a fellow co-worker, has a sister that puts on events in our local area. I was all to happy to find out that this past Saturday they were holding an event just for the little ones. The First Annual Summer Fest to benefit the Free World Foundation. This end of the summer
extravaganza proved to be just what a Potato needed in our current 107 degree weather.

There were water slides, sprinklers, a dunking booth, fun jumps, shopping booths, sand boxes, kiddie pools, food, drinks, and COOKIES AND CREAM ice cream! Oh and not to mention the famous Wayne Toups along with several other bands played kid friendly music the entire time.

I really wasn't expecting much when I drove up since it was not packed and I was able to get a parking spot in the very front even though I had to pay 5 dollars. The things a mother will do for convenience. I pulled out the stroller with both the video and regular camera ready to capture sweet memories. It was flippin' hot that day and Potato had just fallen asleep in his car seat, of course! I pulled him out and when he heard the music I felt him dancing in my arms. He was wide awake and ready to play. I outfitted him in his couture Elmo shirt and swim trunks so he was styling.

When we walked through the gates my jaw dropped. There were dozens for kiddie pools filled to the brim with sand and sand toys. We have been fail parents and haven't taken him to the beach yet so sand was a new experience. Potato was not sure of it and I could tell because I was trying
to put him down in the pool of it and his knees bent. I found it adorable and hard at the same time to hold him and explain that sand was safe. I took off my flip flops and jumped in...still holding my 30+ lb child in the air...and squished my toes around. I felt his legs drop so I knew he
approved. I was really way to excited to watch him play and enjoy himself so I of course threw sand in his lap.

After digging sand out of all of the unmentionables we hit the water and boy was that the icing on the cake! Potato is a little fish it was all the better that my friend (co-worker mentioned before) brought her three boys that joined in the fun.

After a couple hours, a hot dog, and a few powerades, Potato's friends had to leave. He was sad and so was I but we knew that we had our buddies Kelon and Fumy coming to play or did he? Please stay tuned for the conclusion of our day in the sun.


  1. Aww looks like fun! Just wondering but why do you call him Potato?

  2. Potato looks so cute and like he is having so much fun!

    Will is a bed hog, too, but he will not sleep in his bed, so we deal. Plus I don't mind him using my belly for a pillow.

    xo Erin

  3. That is a great question. I think it is because when he was an infant he was so chunky that it just fit.

  4. Potato looks like he was having a blast :) He seems like such a happy little guy. That is a cool idea for kids. Fun day!


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