Thursday, March 8, 2012

Heart attack to heart breaker!

I know that becoming a mommy has made me a serious worry wart. This Wednesday I nearly had my first heart attack. It was a typical work/school morning. All Randolph's rolling unwilling out of bed and dragging our pitiful hineys to the bathroom for our morning rituals.

Neither of my Randolph men are morning people. I am slowly being trained to hate the mornings. Anyways back to what I was saying. I got out of bed and since Mr. Randolph got to the bathroom first that meant I was on Tater wake up duty. You don't expect so much grumpy to come out of such a little person.

Well when I walked into his room this is what I saw.....

 Instant panic set in because my baby was not where he was suppose to be and on came the sweats and me running around the house like a bat shit crazy woman. I ran into the bathroom yelling at Matthew to see if he had seen Tater yet this morning.

When he said no my world felt empty. I know this may seem dramatized but most first time mommies have had something similar happen to them I am sure. Well I ran back into his room and looked around thinking that maybe he became invisible and I just keep missing him in his way to small room.

I calmed down and ended up hearing something. The sound was Tater snores?!?! Where the hell is my freakin baby!? Well I bent down on the ground to see if maybe he fell off of his bed (which is also way to small) and rolled under it. NOPE.

Well I looked in the opposite direction and this is what I saw.
 My heart melted! I admit I had a few tears mostly of comfort but simple joy that this little man brings into my life each and every day.

I can only imagine that he got out of bed and decided he would play some trains instead of sleep. Well lately hanging out under the train table has been his thing. 

I very quietly got up and ran to get a camera. I did not want to forget this moment. Thank you God for this little man!

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  1. oh my goodness! I can only imagine what you felt that moment! how precious that he was under the train table though! too cute!


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