Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Nanny!

Do you have that person in your life you never feel like you have to explain yourself too...
That person that calls you on your bullshit...
Sees though a fake smile.....
That friend that seems more than just a friend....
The person that you don't take offense when they make fun of you because they tell you to suck it up..
Do you have that one person besides your spouse that finishes your sentences....


A friend that doesn't mind planning your wedding and even will be your maid of honor...if only she knew that signing the witness line meant she will be in charge of Mr. Randolph when I run away!

My life was blessed with The Wheazy when I was moved here during high school. I just knew I would make no friends until I road the bus home one day. This girl and a few others fell in love with me and my story of the coon dogs! Do you remember Wheazy? I will never forget it!

Tater, today is your Nanny's birthday today and she is one of your biggest supporters and spoils you competly rotten. She has made it her mission to make sure you want for anything and you never have. You are blessed to be her God Son!

We love you Wheazy!


1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday to her!! She sounds like a wonderful woman!


Tater Mans listening?

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