Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Dave Ramsey way!


We have been running around like chickens in the Randolph house. Since the New Year there have been a lot of changes and of course resolutions broken. Duh! Who keeps those anyway?!
Well our promise to ourselves to become debt free has not been broken! Mr. Randolph and I have accomplished so much lately and I couldn’t be more proud, although we need to reign in some of the frivolous spending.
When we started the Dave Ramsey program we were very strict on ourselves. We stayed on budget by pulling out the allotted cash we needed along with never using our debit cards. This aspect of the program has fallen by the wayside, as of late. Unfortunate!
Do you ever tell your partner that we need to start doing something but neither of you actually gets the ball rolling? Laziness and its BOTH of your faults. It would be easy for me to blame the hubby for us getting too relaxed but that is far from the case. We have to start again and we have to start now! ;-)
All is not lost! We have, thanks to tax returns, paid off two more debts! Sweet Jesus! The American Express also called a Stupid Tax by Dave Ramsey, mostly because you have to be a little stupid to have one. We also had a loan for something we did not NEED but was a good investment. We only have 1-car note, 1-credit card (the devil), and a student loan. I am only really concerned about the first two. These two debts being paid off will mean so many new things happening for our family of three. Selling the condo, getting a bigger house, and Baby Randolph 2.0! I am so excited but I feel like my drive is a little defeated, mostly because I am a huge pessimist.
There are no rainbows for me, or seeing the light. Mr. Randolph really hates this part of mentality. I can’t blame him! I am not sure why I am always watching for the other shoe to drop or why my glass is only half full. I think I do this to my family, and myself thinking that I am preparing us for the worst. It really does no good and only brings us all down.
Anyway, things will change TODAY! We are going to get back on track and knock the bills the F out!
I forgot to mention that we were also able to get Mr. Randolph a whole new(very much needed), updated computer system with some of the tax returns. We also did some renovations on the house and I am hoping to have a post for that soon. I PROMISE! He! He!
If you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is or his plans then you won’t get my references, but I will say them all the same. We are moving at Gazelle speed and watching out for dem CHEETAH’S!

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