Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memory Lane...

Who would have thought that a year ago our little Potato looked so much like a potato! I miss all of his rolls so much. I miss kissing each fat chunk. I miss how he used to need me for everything, moving, eating, translating etc. I do miss all of these things but I would not trade what I have now. I love that Clayton can get around like a wild man and pull out all my pots and pans to perform for his daddy and me. He has finally conned me into letting him feed himself with a spoon. After refusing to eat because mommy was holding the spoon. Such a big boy! As far as the translating goes....well our Potato makes it very clear what he wants and if you hang out around him long enough you don't need a translator. The puckering of the lips followed by blowing and eye squinting means you are doing a no no and mommy is going to fuss you! He blows kisses to his loved ones by putting the palm of his hand to his mouth and pulls it away while saying "MUAH!" When it is time for his favorite guests to leave he always waves bye bye. He has become a little babbling machine. I do miss all of the old memories but we make new ones each day!

I know that they grow faster and faster as time goes by but maybe by blogging it will help me go back and look at the trillions of pictures taken of our tator.

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