Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick boys all around!

I know you just have to love when everyone in your family starts dropping like flies to the cold. HMM. Well I hate it. Clayton has been sick for the past 6 days and I am so over the common cold. I know we can't stop the common cold but if I could I would strap on my super momma outfit, tights and all, so that I could stop it from getting around. Clayton has only been sick 3 times his whole 14 months of life. I think that is pretty good. Well to top everything off Matthew started getting the scratchy throat a day ago and I was buying medicine today. I guess I have a great immune system because I don't really get sick or maybe its the fact that mommies subconciously know that they are not allowed to get sick. We are put on this earth to take care of everyone around us and that is what I do. Well that is all I have for today and hopefully I will become more eloquent in my writing if not I am sorry that you must read LOL!

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  1. Hi - glad to see you on Blogspot! Sorry your boys are sick - we are all just getting over colds as well (it's that time of year!). Feel free to email me with any questions about blogging - my email is in my Blogger profile. :-)


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