Monday, February 6, 2012

Tater and Onions

Our weekend was very uneventful since I was sick as a dog. Yuck! Tater Man and I have had a bad cold for the past week or two. I don't like to be trapped inside the house for a day much less the whole weekend. This cold kicked me while I was down and I was a fixture to either the couch or our bed for the entire weekend.

Tater felt much better on Sunday and kept yelling, "Mommy I am EXCITED!" I wanted to beat him with my pillow. LOL. Yes I was so happy he was feeling better but mommy was not so I called for back up to rescue me from the now well Tater.

Mr. Randolph was my savior for most of the weekend. He made all of the runs to the grocery store for medicine and food. He took care of whatever errands need be done only to feel like crap today. I am sad to say that he is sick as of today. Ugh.

I am guessing at one point during the weekend I was on a medicine high and was able to play with the Tater Man. I hope you enjoy the video!



  1. Being sick stinks, especially when you're a mommy!!!! :( Get better soon!!!! :)

  2. Hope you guys are feeling better. Its so hard when the little ones feel good and want to play but Mommy and Daddy are sick. Let me know if I can help!


Tater Mans listening?

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