Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spud Muffin!

Oh my little love bug you stole my heart! Your first Valentines! You see that little birth mark on your nose. I miss it soo much!

Oh yes you has fistes! You stole everyones heart as Potato.

Unfortunately I couldn't stop time an you kept growing and I thank God for this most adorable picture. I love that belly those little feet. I still can't believe that you use to wear a size 2 shoe!

Ah yes and you still suck your thumb. I tried to get you stop sucking it back then and well you have proven to be a stuborn baby. I assume you will stop when you are ready.

Did I mention how much of a ham you are? I love you and your sweet cheeks. So sad that you have lost all of your baby fats.

Look how small that shirt is on you  just one year later.

Tater Man!
Love my  Spud Muffin. Thanks to his Auntie Kristen for finding this perfect shirt!


  1. OMG - both my boys were wearing that same shirt today!! Too funny!

  2. Oh my look at that cute tummy! Love it! Hahaha!


Tater Mans listening?

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