Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Today is a very special day! It’s my mother’s birthday and since I am a very smart girl there will be no age or year of her birth in this post. I am going to say that she was only a young girl of 16 when she had me and I am still in my twenties. I always loved having a mom that was not ancient growing-up. It was always nice bragging that my mom is nearly 15 years younger than my friend’s mothers were.

Its really blurry but this is my mom and me!

My mom and me! Look at that head of hair.
I can’t imagine what it must have been like having a fat, screaming baby at sixteen and worse a sassy four year old girl at twenty. I know it could not have been easy and I have heard stories of my parents struggle but without the struggle you can’t fully appreciate when you succeed.
Any ways I want to write this post for Tater Man’s memories and mine.

Last weekend we celebrated Maw’s birthday with a nice big out door cookout. It was amazing to say the least and you ate until you almost popped. We had deer back-strap (wrapped in bacon), fresh cracklins, fresh wild pork (straight out of the woods). You know your Pap and Uncle Buck are crazy hunters and we only eat wild meats. It’s the only way to go! I don’t remember the rest of the food because I loaded up on the cracklins.

It was freezing outside and more than likely why I have been sick this week. Ugh! Doesn’t matter though because I got to love on my beautiful niece Cheyenne and nephew lil’ Buck. When the party moved inside Tater and Lil Buck decided to be boys and have some rough play. The boys are in no way the same size since Tater towers over most. Thankfully all of the hooping and hollering was from Tater being fake knocked out or something silly. My brother and I have some strong little men and I am sure there will be many more play and not so play fights in their future. They are boys after all!

After all the bellies were fully and the adults started to moan my sister and I about freaked out because we were ready for her to open gifts. Tater got her some photo mats for her photography displays along with a new purse. Mr. Randolph and I gave her a couple of bottles of white wine.

Mr.’s mom was very gracious and gave my mom one of her paintings of a swamp scene. I am not sure who was more excited my mom or my dad. Then my niece and nephew got her a new fancy coffeepot.

After the gifts there was cake and more moaning. Lil Buck made the mistake of leaving his cake unattended and the Tater Man helped himself to it! Cake is not safe around my Randolph men. Unfortunately my hubby had to work late and missed the shindig but I made sure to get what I could on video.

We love you Maw, Momma! Happy Birthday!


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