Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Day 1- Smith House

I always look forward to the holiday season. I believe I do better under stress and I simply love the madness of planning and partying. I know it’s not a piece of pie but I wouldn’t change a detail. That being said our holidays are hectic and sometimes cause rifts between Mr. Randolph and I.

It would be ideal to have everyone be able to get together for every holiday in one place and be able to get along. Well that is not the case (at least, not currently) for the Randolph-Smith family. So our holidays are spent running to each house making sure to get that quality time. Mr. Randolph wishes all would be happy and get along but he is also very tolerant and understanding of where we are in this madness.

Our family of three headed to my parent’s house for our first Thanksgiving feast of the day. My mom always has an insane spread although we couldn’t fully enjoy it because my dad and brother were working. They were so very much missed but thankfully we will be throwing ANOTHER Thanksgiving dinner sometime this week just for them. I know it sounds crazy but I love it! Plus we are having goose!

Since my mom is a photographer we always get plenty of family and Tater Man photos year round. How lucky are we?!?! It was such a beautiful day so instead of having to do shots in the studio we headed outside.

The kids made sure to be as difficult as possible but Momma being as talented as she is she got the shots we wanted and more.

After the photos we went inside for the feast followed by the girls chatting and both my Randolph men sleeping. We still had one party to go to so I could not have them being grumpy.

Stay tuned for the second part of our Turkey Day at the Wilson’s.

Um yeah he is only 3. Don't believe it? Me neither!!!!

 Love my sweet family of three!

I couldn't survive without these sweet babies!

My SIL and my sweet CC and Lil Buck.


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  1. You have a beautiful family! And you're very lucky to have such a talented photographer for a mom! :) Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgivings!


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