Monday, November 7, 2011

Chick or Chreet!

Halloween was crazy this year. Tater Man and I went to several stores and he tried on 3 costumes only for him to fall in love with the last one. Go figure! I was a momma on a mission.

So happy....for candy!
We missed doing our trick or treating with The Smith’s this year because we went to the neighborhood where Mr. Randolph’s parents live. There was definitely a lot more going on in this subdivision than we were used too. They had trucks pulling trailers full of kids and lots of scary costumes.

I am glad Tater Man was not scared of the trailer ride but sad because we were holding back the other kiddos Trick or Treating. Tater needed to look at each pumpkin, black cat, and play some red light green light whilst the other kids knew to get in get the candy and then get out. So instead of him riding in the trailer with the other kids we walked, skipped, and hopped to each house. Oh well, I will be bringing the wagon next year.
Chick or Chreet with mommy.

I was a little upset at a few of the parents because they were not watching their preteens that were practically running over the toddlers to get to the candy. Not Cool! Then on top of that why in the world would you have a Jason/Freddy Kruger/Slasher mask on when a group of two year olds are coming up to your table? All you had was freaked out babies either crying or running away or if you are Tater, just decided to skip that house completely! Mr. Randolph had to gesture to a few of the guys for them to take their masks off. At least I was not alone in my feelings.

Besides all that drama Tater had a great time and even got in a little hopscotch and had the ladies oohing and ahhing over his skills. Big Ham! I believe it would have been more fun for Tater to be with one of his cousins. Maybe next year!
Tater Man was not happy because Lightening kept him from running fast-fast!

I am happy to say all my nieces and nephews were some of the best dressed babies for Halloween, there was a Cowardly Lion, T-Rex, LSU Cheerleader, LSU Football Player, and a Greek God!

Daddy was our hero and made all the bad scary people go away!

Of course Papaw makes all things better!

Its blurry but I still find Tater's expression priceless!


  1. LOL - love that last pic! Matthew was a little scared of some of the costumes this year too. They're becoming more aware of their surroundings - a good thing and a bad thing!

  2. oh how adorable! I love his costume.

  3. I love his costume! And, I so agree about older kids not being considerate of the younger crowd. It's almost like there should be two separate times to trick-or-treat for the two different crowds. lol.


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