Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Cajuns fight dat cold front!

In Southern Louisiana a cold front gets all the locals excited. We don’t see weather like this much and as soon as it comes it seems to go, unfortunately. Even still you can almost hear the clanking of our Magnelite pots when we catch went of cool weather.

Its time for soups, stews, and GUMBO. These are the staples for Cajuns and Southern folk, all the same. It’s also sort of a race for everyone to see who can cook the first cold weather meals. I don’t mind being the turtle to this race but eventually I stop sampling and start cooking some for my family.

Last night Mr. Randolph and I took on a load of cooking. We have a system for Gumbo cooking. It is ALWAYS a team effort and mostly quite a pleasant time to spend with one another. He cuts all of the veggies (onions, bell peppers, celery, etc.), prepares the sausage and tasso, along with making sure the Tater Man stays clear of my roux (oil and flour) while it is cooking. I have never escaped a gumbo with out a few spattered burns and I would freak if Tater Man got caught in the crossfire.

Roux is also a very delicate since it can burn so easily. There is constant stirring going on and you can never leave it unattended. Once burnt you have to throw it out and start ALL OVER. Of course I have never done that before LOL! Since all true Cajuns claim to have the best recipe for Gumbo then I will just have to say that I have the best recipe. My brother-in-law taught me all I know about the process so I am a true Cajun by spirit.

I made two pots this time, one for Mr. Randolph and I, and one for the shindig that will occur at my friends on Black Friday. All of her family will be coming in from New York and Las Vegas to celebrate their first Thanks Giving in their new home. We are very excited and very nervous to meet the family of some of our dearest friends. I am nervous for them to sample the local cuisine and even more nervous that I will be sort of representing the Creole flavor with my big pot of gumbo. No pressure, right!?!

I am sure everything will go off without a hitch and if all else fails I know the gumbo will not go to waste!

Starting to get some nice color. 1 more hour cooking time!

Vegetables added and oh I know you can smell it!



  1. That looks delicious - and perfect for a cold night! Could you send some up our way? :)

  2. I have never had Gumbo... in fact, i've heard of it, but never knew what was in it til reading your blog post!

  3. Wow looks amazing now I'm hungry lol. It sounds like such a nice family activity all cooking together, you're a lucky little lady ;)


Tater Mans listening?

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