Friday, November 18, 2011

Tater Birthday Party!

Birthday weeks are not just for me anymore….Tater Man had a birthday week of his own. He felt so special and spoiled this week and I have to thank all my family and friends for loving him SO much!
His Auntie Sameemee and Uncle Chris gave him a little taste of his birthday early last week with some dino pajamas. Tater would pull the jammies out of the bag about 50 times, each time in total shock because there was a present for him in the bag. It was a dark hour when I finally put the jammies in the closet. He kept asking for his pezent!

Then on Wednesday, November 2, his actual birthday; Mr. Randolph and I met his parents at Toys-R-Us to pick out some more presents for the Tater. We wanted to get him a bike but after a few tears and unwillingness to peddle Tater decided on a Thomas the Train scooter. He also racked up on some more Hot Wheels and a big Mater truck. FYI the Mater truck has gotten more play time from the adult men.  After shopping we went out to dinner at Ground Pat’i. Tater Man ate all of his dinner and got a huge brownie/ice cream for dessert.

Saturday, was his birthday party with our friends and family. It was a big hit even though the guest list was small. We had a nice spread of food, chicken tenders, chips and queso, cupcakes (brachiosaurus), cake (Lightening McQueen), cookies and brownies. If the guests left hungry it was their own fault lol. Tater got another Clovis the Crawfish book (Grandma and Grandpa Clavier), Super Hero outfit (Uncle Joey), Helicopter (lil friend McKayla), Cars 2, Dino plate/cup, Cars writing board, and AIRPLANES (Cuz Jackson), Lunar Moon Lamp and Remote control Truck (lil friend Milly), and Cammo pow-pow (Uncle Richey). I hope I didn’t leave anything out! I swear this is why the child is rotten.
He had such a great time at his party and to end the day we watched the University of Louisiana win their football game in the last minute, followed by LSU beating Alabama in overtime by a field goal. Tater loves his Tigers and growled the whole night.


Its like they are stalking him lol
I agree cuz!

Love these sweet boys but not that damn spot of light!


King Tater readying the army!

Loves his new airplane. He is addicted now!

Love my boys!

Our sweet baby boy is THREE!

Sunday we spent most of the day lounging and letting Tater Man play with all of his new toys. Later that night we went to my parent’s house for dinner and Taters umpteenth birthday party. He racked up on Cars Jammies, Cars 2 characters Siddley and Holly, candy, and T-Rex shoes (they are Reebok's that I guess remind him of T-Rex?). His cousins CC and Lil Buck bought him this cool easel with a chalk board on one side and dry erase board on the other. It also came with magnet letters and numbers and they also got him some new coloring gear. Tater was so happy. Although we had a mental break down after the airplane was unwrapped. He did not care to open anything else. I guess he felt the best present was already opened and he didn’t need anything else?!?
My mom made the best spaghetti and meatballs along with bread. Mr. Randolph and I made some pigs of ourselves. Momma got him and awesome Cars cake that had Lightening McQueen and Mater toy stuck on top.  Tater’s Nanny joined us at my parents so she could get some time with him and then we rolled home to pass out.

Look at my cake toppers and my new jammies from Maw and Pap!

 It would have been out of the norm for the Randolph birthday celebrations to be over after only 3 birthday parties. Of course we had to have a special birthday celebration with Auntie Mishy and Uncle Kris because they were unable to make one of his other birthday parties. Mr. Randolph and I were so amazed at the spread and detail that our friends went into for our little Tater Man. Thank you both SO much!

I want to say thank you again to all those that spent time with us for Tater’s special birthday weeks! We love you all very much.  Still today he wakes up yelling, "LETS GET THE PAWTY STAWTED!"



  1. Happy Birthday Tater man! It looks like you guys had such a great time celebrating :)

  2. Happy 3rd birthday to your handsome prince!

  3. so cute! happy birthday buddy!

    Love that cupcake/cake

    and you guys are a really photogenic family!


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