Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

This Saturday Tater Man and I hit the road early because we had lots of pool time fun to fit in our day.

First was a hair cut. When his cowlicks start to fight back its time for those beautiful curls to get cut. I usually cut both of the boys hair but I am over that and so now it's time for a barber to do it and mommy to enjoy! I was so freaking proud of my little man because he sat very still and just admired himself in the mirror. He has been to a barber before and of course had no issues then either but this time there was another toddler in the shop. He was 3 and with his daddy. OMG! I felt so bad for the daddy because his little man just flipped out the entire time.

It also didn't help that everyone in there was shooting the poor daddy eyes and mumbling. I was pretty upset because with all things toddler related you know they can react perfectly one day and the next time you will have your own personal hellion to handle. I just kept telling Tater Man he was such a big boy. He said "Your Welcome"....sound like someone you know (Auntie Sammy?) He also figured he was gorgeous and could not keep from checking himself out. I mean he did have 3 salon ladies chatting him up. LAWD!

Evidence of that cowlick!

Has his own opinions on how it should be cut.


You can't tell the finished product because he would not allow the lady to style would swear she asked to put flowers in his hair with the way he looked at her. Boyz!

When we finally finished running around town it was time for swimming then we went to a crawfish boil. He has started swimming lessons this week but I will have more on that later!

Wrestling with daddy!

My Happy Place!

Love my boys...don't mind my bobo. I had a nasty wart removed.

You see that face? Also take notice at how tall he is next to me....I am wearing 4 inch wedges!
He will always be my little Tater Man!


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