Saturday, May 5, 2012

Monkey`d Around the Zoo!

Tater Man and mommy woke up several times last night he was having growing pains AGAIN and Mr. Randolph was not feeling well either.

I tried to give the hubby a better shot at catching some z`s so little man and I went on a field trip!
working up a nice stinky boy sweat
We did not make it out into the zoo and Mr. Randolph calls asking where we snuck off too. He was bummed he couldn't make it but I reassured him that i would take loads of video and pics. I DID!

The whole excursion was amazing. I was by myself so that meant the stroller came. There is no way in hell i can carry mu three year old around. He is half my joke!

It was nice because he could run, walk, or chill and stroll. He knew animals they not only had me wide eyed but some of the parents around me were giggling and freaking out because he was so smart.

I had to admit it was all his daddy. They watch lots of National Geographic.

He was so exhausted by the end of the trip he passed out wide mouth and snoring on the way home. I pulled up to our house and called the hubby. "Come get your child. He fell asleep in the car!" I told you i cant carry him!

Happy Saturday from laying at the pool be lazy! :-P

look mommy piggy tails

Aunt Sammy's goat!
I just take what I want!
king O the mountain!

us again he is so yuck with sweat his hair is going crazy.


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  1. Oh, this is such a sweet post! I love going to the zoo. And judging from your pictures, it looks like you both had a blast!


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