Friday, January 28, 2011

Won, Tooooo, Fweee, Fore, Fibe, siiiiiix....

I met my mom and I had to do some grocery shopping last Saturday so we packed Potato up and headed for Wally.

Mom and I are not allowed to share a buggy from now on but this shopping trip will forever be a special moment in my heart.

The buggy was over flowing and and Clayton was sitting in the front of the buggy making sure to rearrange and occasionally throw groceries out of the basket while we were walking down the isle. It was pretty funny for him to watch mommy and maw catch all the loot.

We rounded the isle and I hear little whispers of numbers but I don't pay attention. Well after the third time I heard the reciting of numbers I looked down to see Potato with a Cheerio box. He was taking his little fat finger and pointing at the loops on the box. Then he would say Won, Toooo, Fweee, Fore, Fibe, sssixxx!

I flipped out 'quietly' because I did not want him to notice that mommy was about to have an emotional moment. I lightly tapped my mom's arm to get her attention. She and I were the first ones to hear Tater count! It was a very special moment to share and then I Wal-Mart....! I didn't give a rats ass either.

I pulled out my phone and sent a text message to Clayton's, Nanny and Parrain. They were so proud. Thankfully Tater did some counting later that day just for daddy.

Its moments like this that show me that I have fully embraced the mommy gene and I was built for this job. Its a full-time position and I don't mind putting in the over-time!!!!


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