Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A stitch in time.....

A couple days before Christmas I got a phone call at work from Potato's daycare. I am never happy when I get those because I always think that something happened. Well I was right when I heard the director's sentence, "Hi Mrs. Randolph, we finally stopped the bleeding......."
Um.....(Dumb founded horror struck and sudden heart pounding!)
When I asked what happened she told me that Potato and another boy were playing with some trucks when all of a sudden the other boy decided to ram the truck into Potato's face! Yeah.... his FACE! The director nor the teachers did not know exactly what happened. Well that excuse did not work for hubby or me!
I called my husband and told him that I was leaving work to go and get Potato. He was already at home for the day. When I made it to the daycare I found that my son's lip was split wide open. I am not a queasy person but this had my stomach flipping. I grabbed him and started for the car not even caring that the director was trying to talk to me. I really didn't care what she had to say in the first place.
Hubby met me at the hospital and thankfully we got to try out the new pediatric unit and had no waiting! The dr was perfect and Potato did great....even when they put him in the straight jacket. He was so curious about all of the instruments and liquids that the dr was playing with. Well the calmness turned into a full blown panic attack when they placed a sheet over his face with a hole where his mouth was to be. Thankfully the dr worked quickly with the stitch.
I, of course, was crying. This mommy can handle her own when I have to but with hubby there to make it all better my emotions flowed.
Clayton almost immediately stopped crying when they took the sheet off of his face. To our happy surprise Santa and his elves her roaming around. Clayton was not into Santa but the 6 ft gorgeous Elves were allowed to come in the room and give him his Build-A-Bear Santa Bear. I swear the boy already has some smooth moves.
Well since the daycare could not produce any good reasons to why NO ONE saw ANYTHING we decided that he was no longer attending. He spent a week at my parents and a week at hubbies rents. Now Tater is in his new daycare....its PERFECT! more later....

This is a few days after and it looks tremendously better. Don't you just feel sorry for him?!?! Love that beautiful face!

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  1. Aw, bless his heart! What a scary time for y'all! I can't believe how much he's grown. He's such a cutie. Candace


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