Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Family Photo!

I have so absent from my family blog. No excuses! I just wasn't feeling it. Potato is turning into such a character and definitely asserting his independence and I laugh as I say his dominance over things!

These photos are from the 3 out of four Christmas' we had this year. It was a very crazy year and of course all the babies were spoiled rotten!

I have to say I have a new favorite photo! I know its not perfect but it's pretty darn close! I love it's imperfection because it shows just how crazy and on the move our little family of three is.

I know Hubby will love love this picture as will Tater Man when he gets older. Although it looks like Tater took a swing at daddy it was really him trying to break away from the picture taking. He was so not into it since his cousin was running around!
Christmas morning was spent with our Thevis' family! I made a big breakfast and had a great time!
Christmas at my parents house! How nice to be by a beautiful fire!

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