Monday, December 13, 2010

Very Bad Blogger!

Hi guys! I am sorry I have been off the radar for a while. After Potato's birthday at the beginning of November I just could not find the time nor the want to post about my life.

I know I must sound like a bah-hum-bug but this time of year reminds me more of the ones that are no longer in my life. It also reminds me like it may you of the crazy people that would kill to get that barbie or truck.....I did most of my shopping on-line this year for that very reason!

Potato is turning into a little chatter box and I am shocked and proud everyday when he opens his mouth. DH sneezed today and with out a pause Potato said "Bess Wu!" I mean seriously how proud would you be...I was apparently so proud I snatched him off the ground and did a few twirls. Think I might of scared him ;-)!

I do have a lot to write about but that will come with time. For now I just wanted to say hi to all my loyal readers and thank you to the ones that sent me an email concerned about me!

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