Monday, December 27, 2010

Lazy.....Potato....Boy?...No...Potato has a lazy boy!

Did you think I was kidding?!? The Potato and his cousin Monkey got their very own lazy boyz for Christmas! Boy that Santa was great to them huh!? Well Maw has a direct line to Santa and she got them all set up with the best seat in the house!

DH was a little(alot) jealous that his son got a chair before he did so I guess the first thing on the list when we get a bigger house is a big boy lazy boy chair just for him!

I also love the fact that the boys got different chairs. Their personalities are SO different as are their families. Even still they are great chairs and mighty comfy. Potato watches his tartoons and weeds his boogs in the morning in his chair!

Thanks again Santa(Maw) for such a great gift!

You got to love the look on Potato's face!

Little Play Boys!

Assume the position!

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