Thursday, December 23, 2010

2nd Annual Friends Christmas!

I have to say that we are very thankful to be surrounded by the ones we love most this year. Also we realize that as the years go by true friendships grow and because of that I am lucky.

This years party was incredible. Although we were missing Mr T(Dr Shipleys Hubby) we tried to do our best and celebrate for him. Thankfully he did finally make it home for Christmas. He has done his service for our country and now he is home with his loving wife in time for their one year anniversary.

We had a few new people this year and boy was that exciting. The Guillots and the O'Neals were able to see the craziness that is the Friends Christmas. We also had my SIL there all dolled up with no sign of momminess on her!

From the left(SIL, Guillot, Nanny, Thevis, Me, Dr Shipley, Lee(O'Neal to be!))
The menu was a huge variety of things. We had Gumbo(perfect for cold weather), potato salad, shrimp cocktail, hummus dip, bread and the desserts were insanely good. Dr Shipley made her signature Candy Cane Martinis and the boys were not ashamed to carry around their martini glass rimmed with peppermint with pink deliciousness!
After a little socializing and pigging out we exchanged gifts. Potato was of course spoiled rotten by all his Aunts and Uncles! I know that child will never want for anything with all these people in his life.

When the crowd thinned a little the party really went crazy. The Crown Royal Reserve that DH got this year helped loosen up SIL and she let her inner silly out and we were quite entertained. It was only her second time drinking and we all had fun tending to her craziness.
Ms Thevis got a crocheted goat for Christmas. Yeah you heard me right, a GOAT. She has been wanting one as a pet but knowing that she can't have one she was more than happy to get one specially made for her. She was wearing a sweater dress with pockets so Lord Gimli(the goat) road around in her pocket all night! ;-)!!!

Potato's Nanny made sure to get him a great gift. He got a portable dvd player and oh boy did he(I) freak out! Let's just say traveling will be a breeze with Leap Frog playing for him.
Nanny and Potato
Mr Istre had to work that night so he made sure to play Santa before the party!

The party ended and the house was a complete wreck! A true sign that everyone had a great time! I can't wait until next year!

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