Friday, October 15, 2010

Supper Club- Ala Nicole!

Wow I know this is incredibly late, but I did not want to lose this memory.

Saturday September 25 we had our monthly Supper Club meeting. If you remember that week had been crazy with Aiden (Gecko) being born and just that morning Cheyenne (Sweet Potato) was born.

It was Nicole's turn to cook and boy did she rock the house. She made....from.scratch....Chicken Alfredo! All I can say is that there was not a drop of sauce or one noodle left alive. DH is a serious Alfredo addict. Like I need to get him committed. So when he found out what his second wife(maid of honor at our wedding) made Alfredo for dinner I could not stop his drooling.

Everyone went back for seconds and somehow I was able to put a tiny bit in a little tupperware to take to my mom in the hospital. After dinner was over Nicole, Sammy, and I hurried out the door to go love on Cheyenne. Sadly Mishy was sick and was unable to attend. We made sure to kiss her double for her. While we were goo gooing over my niece the boys were at home geeking out over computer games.

The evening was quite incredible and one I could never forget!

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