Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Belated 23 Month Birthday Potato!

Dear Potato,

I am such a bad Mommy. It was your 23 month birthday three days ago and I am just now getting this posted. I am sorry! In my defense we were all in Enon, La at your Auntie Peggy's and Uncle Greg's camp for the weekend. You had an incredible 23 month birthday!

You are becoming such a big boy and really taking on the terrible twos like it was your destiny. LOL. I wish I were kidding. I always said that I wouldn't be the parent with the child that threw themselves on the ground when something did not go their way. Wrong.I.Was. You really love to push your limits and it's more with me than with daddy. I guess you I don't make it too hard since I have a much softer approach than daddy. Even though he is more stern you seem to gravitate towards him in every aspect. I love watching the bond form between you and your daddy. He loves you so much and is very proud of you and you accomplishments.

I know now that Mr Pediatrician was not kidding when he said that your vocabulary would grow exponentially when you hit 18 months. I just still can't believe all of the things you have picked up over the past month.

You were not much of a bully at school this month but still have a few issues with keeping your hands to yourself. The teachers say that you are a really laid back child and that you do your own thing all day. When I come to pick you up in the afternoon you start talking when apparently they don't hear you all day. I guess that is a good thing and that is probably one of the reasons they adore you!

I am slowly/reluctantly preparing for your 2nd birthday party. It will be a big deal of course.....you are a big deal....to a TON of people. I can't giveaway all of my surprises just yet so you will have to read your two year post.

I am proud to say you are starting to form short sentences. "Where is Daddy?" is one you ask a lot if daddy is not in view. My favorite has to be when I passed gas and you looked at me in shock and told me "Mommy you Poo Pooed!" I died laughing!

We now have to take our ball play time outside because you have a pitchers arm and almost break Mommy's pretties! Okay so to make a list of the things you have done this month!


Eldafant - Elephant

Pweeze, Tantou, Wecome- you are a champ with these

Cawtoons- You love to watch cartoons even though I only let you watch the learning cartoons so far. I guess I am just not ready for Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and well Sponge Bob may never happen lol.

Color Words

We are working on:

Colors ABC's- you were actually trying to sing along this morning

Learning our animals. You think that if it swims in the water its a fish and if it lives on land and its not a dog, cat, or bird then it must bean elephant.

Tantrums--not having much luck here since you don't see me as much of a threat. You have also mastered rolling your eyes and well after I laugh(while not looking at you) I fuss and tell you that's not nice.

I know I am leaving out a lot but there is just way to much to remember.Daddy and I love you dearly and can't wait to celebrate completion of another year with our big boy! Love daddy and Mommy!

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