Thursday, January 12, 2012


So late in posting but the night was to fun not to store this memory. December was such a crammed month with Christmas Parties and celebrations but there was one very special person that we celebrated.

Our little Miss Sammy turned a year younger and prettier! All of our friends gathered to share this special day at a nice little bar called the Tap Room. We had amazing beer and enjoyed watching the birthday girl get all her new toys.

Sammy has been wanting a little goat for the longest and since she doesn't have a yard with a fence of course that is out of the question. So thankfully she has a new found love for owls and someone was awesome enough to find her a little stuffed owl to love. This doesn't mean I have stopped the hunt for a!

If you are lucky enough to know this little lady then your life would never be same without her or her Sammyisms.

We Love You!


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