Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012!

I know this post is a little to late but it is too great to keep these memories to myself!

Mr. Randolph and I have made some wonderfully crazy new friends in 2011 and lets just say they know how to throw a party. I have never been to a themed party much less participated. I guess I always felt that they were silly and I was in no way going to participate.

Well all that changed for the Christmas Party that we had at the beginning of December at the Arnold's house. They thought that they were throwing this very nice white elephant party. WRONG! Our friend Stevi decided to throw this party for a loop. She reached out to all the guest and asked that they attended the party dressed in their best, ugly Christmas sweater or white trash wear for the party.

I WILL NOT be posting pics from that party because....well I don't has too! ;-)!

So I was not shocked when Stevi decided to throw a New Years Eve party and wanted it to be themed. Amongst all the friends and for the rest of December we deliberated over what the theme of the party would be and so "PARTY LIKE IT'S 1989" was born.

We had an incredible time and I am happy to say that Mr. Randolph was Best Dressed!



  1. OMG - you two are too cute!!! Very 80s - LOVE IT!!

    Happy new year!

  2. You guys look awesome! I dressed up from the 80s for Halloween this year! :D Hope your New Year is amazing and all your dreams come true!


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