Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I know that today is a made up holiday but really who cares. Matthew and I never do anything special on these days because we know that we love one another. With that said we also feel like this holiday can still be put to use by just celebrating our love and the love that we have for our baby boy.

Clayton is having his first valentines day party at daycare and I couldn't have been more excited. As usual I went a little over board for his class but who cares. Firsts are meant to be special. I got him valentine cards to pass around plus two boxes of candy for the class and a few treats. Matthew laughs at me since I am almost always the only parent that brings stuff but to me that means that I will be the cool parent! I don't mind lol!

I hope everyone has a happy Monday!

Tater we love you and hope that you have a great day today.


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