Sunday, September 2, 2012

I pray

As we lay here on the pillow together; cheek to cheek

I pray that I that when my vision goes I will always remember just how liquid brown your eyes are and

I pray that I won’t forget how it feels when your eyelashes flutter I can feel a small breeze on my cheek and

I pray that one day when my hearing starts to leave me that I never forget just how sweet the sound of you sucking your thumb is and

I pray that when I get older and my hands don’t move so easily that I still remember just how good it felt to rub my hands through your hair just soft enough to put you too sleep and

I pray that when my memory gets faulty I don’t forget how you say “annanennoppee” instead of l, m, n, o, p; when you sing your abc’s and

I pray that I never forget how it feels when you give me sweet kisses on my forehead and

I pray that I don’t forget how soft your hands when they touch my cheek and

I pray…..


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Tater Mans listening?

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